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Agrovet d.o.o., 8 Žička Street, 11000 Belgarde, Tel: +381 11 30 47 377

Agrovet Ltd. Belgrade was established in November 1991. The company’s headquaters are located on the Red Cross, Žička street No. 8. The company's program is successfully carried out by 22 employees with a different qualification structure, where 50% of the staff holds a university degree and 30% are high school graduates. Our core activity is the production of day old chickens in our own hatchery station which has a capacity of 2.000.000 chicks annually.

Branka MaslesaIn addition to the production of day old chickens we are breeding and exploiting broilers Cobb 500 and ROSS 308.  By importing, quarantining and breeding poults BUT BIG 6 and CONVERTER up to 4 weeks, we are satisfying the demand of our customers and additionally approx. 10.000 pieces are left for intensive fattening for the free market. 

Except the production of day-old chickens, upbringing of little hens and fattening of poults, Agrovet produces 3% concentrated animal feed supplements in our own Premix plant located near Pančevo.

Our whole range of products are distributed through our customers which mainly are agricultural and veterinary pharmacies, veterinary stations, farms for chicken fattening and other retailers in the country. We use our own vehicles for transporting goods which enables us to deliver all our products successfully and stay in constant contact with our customers.


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