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The working process of the hatchery station is compliant with HACCP standard and includes several production stages: admission of breeding eggs, disinfection, putting eggs in the setter, transfer into the Hatcher, pulling of chicks, ageing and controlling of the chicks before they are transported to the fattening facilities and our customers. With day old chicks from our production, extensive experience of our associates and advice for quality fattening the success of your business is guaranteed.


diagram proizvodnje prevoz otprema pakovanje izleganje inkubacija

Incubation of breeding eggs

The process begins by putting the breeding eggs in incubators that maintain a constant temperature and humidity, simulating natural hatching. This phase lasts for 18 days when the incubated eggs are transferred from the setter into the Hatcher.

Hatching chicks in the Hatcher room

The last part of incubation, the final phase lasts 48-72 hours. The overall process involves hatching, drying and pulling of chicks.

Packing day- old chicks in transport packages

Packaging is done in special cardboard boxes which are customized for the needs of the pulled chicks and are also adequate for transportation.

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Dispatch of chicks

Since the beginning of operations Agrovet dispatches chicks always on the same days- Thursdays and Fridays.

Specialized transport of chickens

Specially equipped vehicles ensure safe transportation to our customers all year round.

Quality Control

To ensure absolute safety to customers, we guarantee the standard quality of our products. We use the strictest possible control system to ensure that everything we produce has guaranteed features certified by the ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP standard.

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