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Solution for per-oral administration for all types of animals

This is a perfectly balanced formula with high-quality elements. It is used to stimulate growth and prevent development diseases. It is very effective against metabolic disorders (diarrhea, food poisoning, changes of diets and feeding systems).

Recommendations for usage:

Prevention of vitamin  A, D3, E and vitamin B complex deficiency

To stimulate growth and development, especially in animals with high production properties (fattening, production of eggs).

It helps with stressful situations during vaccination, after transport, change of facilities and food.

Helps with metabolic disorders during gravity, rachitis, osteomalacia and disorders in reproduction.

As support during the treatment of infectious and parasitic diseases.

Application and Dosage:

To dissolve in drinking water during 3-5 days as follows:

Poultry: 0,5-1 ml / 1 liter of drinking water
Young animals during suckling: 1-2 ml / 1 liter of drinking water
Cattle, sheep, goats and horses: 30-50ml/100 liters of drinking water


Plastic 1 liter bottle  and 20ml bottle.

Can be used without a prescription.