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Agrovet d.o.o., 8 Žička Street, 11000 Belgarde, Tel: +381 11 30 47 377

dddIn our offer you can find a wide range of products for pest control, which is one of the most important measures in restraining and exterminating infectious diseases and economic damages, especially in intensive animal production, that result from harmful insects and rodent’s activity. We complement our product range regularly with the newest tested products used for communal hygiene. For more information, please contact us by mail or telephone.

Our offer includes:

  • Local and imported substances for effective disinfection of equipment and facilities

  • Environmental adhesives for mice that can be used in food industries in accordance with HACCP standards

  • Poisons against insects and rodents in the form of spray, grains, concentrates, pellets and the AVISAN, Biocides, BRODISAN, DESU, EKTANON, INTOX, LM-TOX, METOCID, MUVOCID, NEOCIDOL, PACOMOR, RATIMOR, SUPITOX, SURADILON, VILOTRIN et al.