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Agrovet d.o.o., 8 Žička Street, 11000 Belgarde, Tel: +381 11 30 47 377

dog and catOur company, in accordance with the market, can pride itself in recent years with a large range of PET products of renowned manufacturers, both domestic and foreign, which are necessary for the care of your pets.

Agrovet offers you food for dogs and cats, birds, rodents, aquarium fish as well as vitamins, mineral supplements and accessories. PET food we offer provides your pet with all nutrients, meets all their nutritional needs and also corresponds to certain age groups and holding conditions.

  • Tin cans and briquettes for adult dog nutrition with various flavors and in different packages
  • Food for puppies
  • Dogfood
  • Food for cats in the form of cans and briquettes
  • Food for voles, canaries, tigresses, nymphs, fish and turtles
  • Cosmetics such as anti-flea shampoo, shampoo for dogs and cats, PET drops et al.