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graorkeSUPER HARCO is a dual purpose hybrid. Its feather color is as black as of the Regular HARCO, but it has a much heavier body, (broiler characteristic). This brown-egg laying hybrid which is internationally popular by virtue of its black feathers originates from America. Its egg producing capacity is excellent especially under small scale farming conditions. The economy of egg production can also be improved by regular control and adjustment of the following factors:

  • biological security and hygienic conditions
  • clean drinking water
  • effective draft free ventilation
  • strictly controlled feeding program
  • precise vaccination program
  • proper lighting program

  • Performance Specifications of Commercial:

    Specification Performance
    Male body weight at 14 weeks of age 1,9-2,0 kg
    Female body weight at first egg laid 2,2-2,5 kg
    Female body weight at the end of the laying period 3,0-3,4 kg
    Egg production (total for 52 weeks) 210-230 pcs.
    Average egg weight 60-62 g
    Feed intake during egg production(21-22 nedelje) 140 g/day
    Laying percentage 85%

    Since the Harco breed performs very well even under extensive management conditions and tolerates incidental minor deficiencies of feeding and/or technology it is recommended also for "backyard" farms.